"It’s so nice to hear that somebody in America is recording my music. Very rich, very beautiful.”
Dori Caymmi

“Soulful. Full of tender delicacy. She sings the lyrics so well. So tasteful. I’m gonna take it home and dance to it. I adore this CD, I adore it.”
Mark Murphy

“After listening carefully to the music in this CD, I can say that I am very happy to hear how Norma Blase has paid a beautiful tribute to the music of my country… Even if you cannot understand the Portuguese, you will undoubtedly feel the pull of the music, drawing you to a dreamy state where deep harmonies, flowing grooves and a lyrical outlook on life give the rules.”
Jovino Santos Neto

“Good energy, that’s what it is.”
Airto Moreira

“Her heart is totally open.”
Patti Cathcart “Tuck and Patti”

“I really enjoy her music.”
Paulo Bellinati

“She can sing with Hermeto.”
Airto Moreira

The CD is wonderful, marvelous and... I love it! On Verão your voice is perfect - crystal clear yet soft as a summer rain. The clarinet is sweet and mellow; it beckons one to come along to this beautiful place and time. The song is new to American ears. But most importantly - everyone in my office stopped what they were doing to listen when it played. This is THE one for me!
Judy Samuel, Director
TOP Suite Marketing, Oasis CD

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